#writephoto – 1-25-18

I see the glowing footprints, he’d surely been here. Should I venture further down this path? I’m surprised he’s out in the sunlight. I see the twisted tree trunks, I wonder if he’s hiding underneath. The cave on the left could have been his nighttime hideaway.

Stepping through the tree branches ahead, I feel his presence. There’s not much time. I have to find him before he infects the others. I’m getting weaker. I don’t know if I can make it. I have to find him!

He jumps out of the sprawling roots, grabs her and carries her to the cave. She looks at him in a pleading manner. He is weakened, but knows what he should do. He tries to comfort her as the sickness takes over. They fall into a never ending sleep.

The hazmat scientists had tracked them. They found the couple wrapped in each other’s arms. Luckily the radiation leak only affected the two closest scientists to the experiment.

Thursday photo prompt – Woodland #writephoto


7 thoughts on “#writephoto – 1-25-18

  1. If two people were exposed to lethal doses of radiation, they couldn’t actually “infect” anyone since they don’t become radioactive. Radiation causes cellular damage and can even be stored in some parts of the body such as the thyroid. Depending on the level of radiation and duration of exposure, they person might die immediately, within a matter of days, weeks, or months, or even years or decades later, although the latter would most likely be due to cancer.

    I was imagining more of an exposure to a virus such as the story I wrote in response to the prompt, which would still have worked out the same. In that case Hazmat suits would be necessary.

    Sorry to get all “technical,” but it’s how my mind works.


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