Movie Monday Bonus

Scrolling through the channels, I saw this old one, based on a book by John Steinbeck, set in the Depression era. It’s one of a kind! I’ve read a lot of Steinbeck and was thrilled to actually see Cannery Row when we took a trip to California.

I should have put Language Alert on the video. Sorry.


4 thoughts on “Movie Monday Bonus

  1. Steinbeck always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Too many bad memories from Grapes of Wrath, suffering through that in high school. I wonder if it, or I, has changed at all during these last ten years. Maybe it’s worth a reread?

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    1. I like almost everything he wrote. The characters in Cannery Row are lovable to me. I also had to read that in high school. Along with Of mice and men. I Reread a lot of them when I was a young mother, along with more popular recent books.

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    2. I definitely think it would be great to revisit some old books and see if they’ve aged well or even better than I remember. Steinbeck is such a prolific writer that maybe just maybe there really is something there I missed the first time. But I swear I will never, ever, enjoy Catcher in the Rye. Hahah. That book goes down and stays down forever with me.

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