SoCS + JusJoJan 20

Occasionally I may just rant on, or brag on about my family, mostly grandkids. Occasionally, ๐Ÿ˜‚I said, because they really are my favorite subject, pastime, continual reason for getting up and out of myself. Yesterday we went to Denver to have the youngest one here, take a couple of classes at the Downtown Aquarium. It is a huge maze of a facility and we enjoyed it very much.

The only disappointing part for me was a very large enclosure that held one of three Bengal tigers they switch out. He was pacing quickly, looked completely stressed out, and maybe the rain forest enclosure is a natural habitat, but I think he was hating it. I know we’re privileged to see animals from around the world in zoos, etc, but this just made me sad. The fish and other aquarium inhabitants don’t seem to mind, but this guy was definitely not happy.



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