MLMM First Line Friday – Tragedy

I found myself in the ruins again. 

How many years had it been? Ten?

Maybe more, it’s hard to remember

I think it may have been September


They’re still standing, the ivied walls

I see my children when they were small

Standing by them on that tour

They wanted to climb, it was that allure


The beckoning of adventure then

Scrambling up, not by my hand

And then the tragedy, the loss

Children gone before I could cross


Gone into depths unknown

And there it was, I was shown

How quickly life can be gone

Mine was death from that moment on


3 thoughts on “MLMM First Line Friday – Tragedy

  1. I rarely write such tales about children just because they are so heartbreaking, but on occasion it becomes necessary. I’d rather have my children have happy endings.

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