Daily Prompt: Agile

As you age your bones grow fragile

And maybe you’re not so agile

I know from experience

A slight dalliance

Into strenuous abilities

Can cause loss of agility

In my own case, my youth

I’ll be honest, tell the truth

No matter the condition of my back

Did everything I chose, nothing lacked

But no sad story, no regrets

But carelessness does beget

A certain unwanted circumstance

Older now, and would love to dance

When I could, had no nerve to do it

Now have the nerve, but can’t pursue it

Life turns the tables, so don’t go wanting

Don’t sit and regret what you think is daunting

Experience life as much as you can

Be brave, be bold, make an active plan.


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Agile

  1. You just made me think…. It’s been a long while since my last Cove Danceathon. I think we should do that again soon, what do you say? Maybe you could join in this time… No need to actually get up and “dance”… Any wiggling and jiggling is welcome!!

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