Daily Prompt: Loophole

She thought of herself as a champion knitter

Moving those needles while a rocking chair sitter

The rest of the patients would observe with awe

Couldn’t believe the knitting speed they saw

One old man volunteered to hold

The ball of yarn, he was brave and bold

To be so near those flying needles

It was hard to keep up, his fingers feeble.

When suddenly she let out a scream

“I see a loophole in my pattern scheme!”

Her face turned rather ugly with chide

Looked at her helper and kicked him aside

“Now look what you’ve done! I see a mistake!”

Her voice made the helper shiver and shake

“I should have known better, than using a prole!”

The helper slunk away, muttering a word, “a–h—“.



6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Loophole

  1. Ok… So I am a Newbie! In fact, I just read about how to blog & comment this morning! I’ve yet to post a blog of my own & this will be my very 1st comment!
    I stumbled upon your poem while reading about “Daily Promps” & how to find Inspiration. *This is also the very 1st Blog Post I’ve EVER read (Except for “Introduction” Posts & “linked” Blogs from Word Press; With information concerning details on how all of this works; Definitions of words I’ve never heard of before (Such as Pingbacks); As well as Guidlines, Challenges, Daily Posts, Badges, Instructions for publishing blog post, ect…
    ●Sooo… You mean to tell me… With the single word “loophole,” You typed up & instantly published such an exquisite Poem with perfect rhyme & reason; Without straying in the slightest way from the one word of Inspiration? _W O W !_ Thats quite impressive!
    I Am going to look around & read other blog posts to see if ALL published posts are of this ‘High Caliber.” If so, Maybe I need to look for a different platform to start out with; As I don’t want to embarrass myself by publishing ammature blogs… AKA: Personal tangents, rants & ramblings… On topics that interest me &/or Accounts of various adventures, special events, or even roadblocks, path cross-ways, or curve balls ^LIFE^ ‘throws my way!’
    Being as I’m infamously known for sending book-long texts & extremely detailed Facebook posts – on various topics & personal experiances; I thought about giving “Blogging” a try! β˜†As I’m sure you know by now; I do love to write! However, I am FAR from being a professional! ●●Does anyone know of any other sites where I might be able to post whatever nonsense that passes through my mind? (Writting is a calming, coping mechanism I use to… De-Stress, for lack of better words) ●●Or… Am I already in the right spot to ‘start-up’ a way of “keeping a record” or “keeping track” of My way of expressing myself through the written word? ●●●ANY ADVICE OR SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED & APPRECIATED!● Thanks in advance!
    ~Blessed Be~

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    1. Of course, stay right here! There are tons of great blogs out there to enjoy. I find new ones every day. It is a perfect way to vent those ideas, rants, opinions, stories, poems or photographs. I rarely have a blog that is anything special. I just see a word or a photo and if something pops into my head I write about it. You don’t need to use prompts but I like them. It stretches my imagination. Thanks for reading and jump on in. I am honored to be your first commentee, btw, I sometimes make up words! : ))


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