FFfPP – Week 2 – It’s Never Simple

“It’s simple” he started, holding his cup of coffee. “I like you and you like me, what could be the harm?”

“The harm? Are you being obtuse?” Mary was getting frustrated with Joe. He could only see this affair as a brief interlude, but Mary fell in love. While Mary was married, and had legitimate reasons to be unhappy, her conscience told her the arrangement with Joe was wrong. “Can’t you see I’m in love with you?”

Joe, seeming surprised, put down the coffee, and sat beside her on the couch. They had just spent the night together in this lodge, waking to warm coffee and he had built a fire. A very romantic setting, but Mary wanted more than a stolen night here and there. She wanted what she thought she had at the beginning of her marriage. “I can’t take this, only seeing you once a week or less. I want more, I want you!”

“That’s not how this started, I can’t change. You knew I wasn’t that type when we met and made this arrangement.” Joe was trying to defend his position.

“You’re sure?” Joe reluctantly nodded. “Then I guess it really is over.” Mary went home.



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