Movie Monday obviously late!

But the wait is worth it. Today was my late husband’s birthday and since we didn’t want to sit around feeling sad, we went to the movies. We saw “The Greatest Showman” with Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. I wasn’t sure about seeing a musical but I enjoy anything with this actor. The dancing was excellent and toe tapping. The songs and point of them all were inspirational. My favorite was “This is Me”. It has such a great message, as the songs all do. My granddaughter, 11, her 21 year old sister and my daughter all attended and we all came to the same conclusion, we could watch it again immediately, and want the soundtrack.


7 thoughts on “Movie Monday obviously late!

  1. I loved this film, loved it, seen it thrice already. Love Jackman, and the music is insane. I was disappointing that it didn’t have the “I invented showbiz” that was in the trailer, when Effron and Jackman are talking in the bar.

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    1. The rest of the family wanted to go, so we saw it again today. I could watch it again tomorrow! The opening few minutes scene just is the most heartwarming. I can only gush about this!

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    2. The old and new 20th century icon was a treat. The beginning scene is the greatest. The pounding stomping beats almost made my drummer grandson cry! I could see it again a nd still live every minute

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