Time to Write – No one told me that

I guess I should have assumed, but you know what that means. . .you assume and it …I’ll just leave it at that. No one wants to think they’re an ass, let alone be one, so let’s drop it. If I thought this would happen, I never would have called in the first place. It was an exciting day for me, the audition was in the afternoon, I was well rested, my makeup was done for the princess role I was trying for. Indeed I had a good feeling about it, maybe it might be my big break!

I arrived early and they had already started. The princess role was in a fairytale so I expected I would be beautiful with pretty costumes, how fun! I had memorized a piece from a well known fairytale, so I felt prepared. “Next” I heard them say, so I went into makeup to get my hair done princess style. I sat in the tall chair to receive any makeup touches and was surprised to see brown makeup applied. I was a bit hesitant, but went along. Asked to close my eyes for eyelashes and told to keep them shut while they fixed my hair.

When I opened them I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror! I had a brown donkey face with huge eyelashes, an elongated chin and huge brown ears! Surprised, I yelled, “what’s this?”

“It’s the makeup for your audition, the magical donkey!”

“What? No one told me that!”

Time To Write: Sentence Starter 30 [Creative Writing Prompt]

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