Sunday Photo Fiction 1-7-18

“Okay we’ve only got a half hour of daylight left, so get on your marks and let’s get rollin!” The actors hurried to their places, the microphones were above in the windows, and the director was in his usual high seat above.

“Ready, action!” They were just ready to speak when the familiar yell came over the megaphone. “Cut, cut, cut!”

Everyone stopped in their tracks, what could be going wrong, they hadn’t spoken a word yet.

“What did I say about those phone lines hanging from building to building, huh? Why am I seeing them? My god you just can’t rely on anyone anymore! Do I have to do everything myself? Get those lines down and out of my scene! We’re losing light and money, people! We only have fifteen minutes or it’s going to cost us another day. Move it, move it, move it!”

The “high life” of making movies on location.

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