Daily Prompt: Winsome

Okay, coming off a sick week, I can only think, you winsome you lose some. I know, kill me now!

I’m off to make oatmeal for dinner when I’m craving something Italian or Chinese, or BBQ, or simply anything with TASTE! I even thought of actually making some spaghetti for myself, but think I would be sorry later. So here’s a short attempt at a poem:

I have been sick

Tired of hearing it?

I don’t blame you

I need to eat

But my forehead heat

Defines my fare

Is that toast again there?

Not even buttered, just jam

Oh what I would give for some green eggs and ham.

Going to make that lovely white oatmeal now, dare I add cinnamon and raisins?


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Winsome

  1. I served store bought roasted chicken with premade mashed potatoes. I cooked the green beans in the microwave which really did the bulk of work for tonight’s meal. Hope you feel better.


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