A Time to Write – Merry Christmas Thoughts

Winter chills bring me under the covers, watching old favorite movies, and trying to avoid the urge to make fudge. Tomorrow here in the US is not here yet, but I thought instead of a Christmas pic I would use this old favorite. On the left is my firefighter grandson and on the right, my chauffeur. This pic is from the days when county fairs, showing horses and trained dogs was the main activity on a Colorado ranch. All seven kids rode and participated in skilled events. It was a fun time. Lots of animals and chores aplenty for everyone. The ranch also had irrigating schedules, mowing, haying, etc, never a dull moment. Frog hunting was great for the smallest ones.

I miss those times, but then everyone does, and returning to them would mean missing the wonder of watching them all mature into great adults. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday, no matter where or how you celebrate. Winter chill weather for me means going down memory lane.

Time To Write: Winter

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