SoCS December 9, 2017

It’s Friday night about 11:00 and my upstairs neighbors and their oversized dog just got out of their car yelling and now they’re upstairs running around. So I’m writing to fill in time till they settle and I can sleep. The prompt for Saturday is “liqu” which makes me think of liquor. I don’t know why because I don’t drink. It’s been about twenty years since drinking wine or having a cocktail when my husband and I went out to eat or to a party. I stopped any alcohol when I started taking pain meds. Funny to think of it now but I’ve never been drunk or been much of a connoisseur of wine, etc. I did enjoy wine tasting in the Napa Valley on a trip without our kids, but that seems like ancient history now.

My dad used to drink liquor and beer and I remember him having a small bit of creme dementhe at night when I was in my teens. The first alcohol I had was when I was 18, on a first date in a nice restaurant where my date ordered a bottle of wine. The date turned out to be my husband a year and a half later, but I digress.🙄 Of course I was smitten by the love at first sight bug and during the date I was a nervous wreck. Not wanting to appear the naive girl I actually was, I had a couple of glasses of the wine. Everything was fine until we were about to leave. I stood up from the table and felt dizzy. Luckily he guided me out the door. As soon as we were outside in the chilly air I was fine. I was very careful from then on not to make the same mistake.

Now I might have a glass of plum wine on my birthday, but that’s all and yes I did this year, but it had been four years before that since I treated myself. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have some amaretto or something to make a drink like we used to do when we were a young couple and entertain, but now I think, no way. It’s like having ice cream in your freezer all the time, and hot fudge at the ready, or making my favorite molasses or peanut butter cookies. I know my limits. I have an addictive personality. You know this because I scribble so much here on my blog! I know what is too tempting so I rarely bake or buy those things. Don’t get me wrong, if I had my husband still, or a companion, I’m sure we would partake of these things together, but being by myself, it’s not a habit I want to cultivate.

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  1. I stopped drinking what little bit I did too because of medications. The choices we make huh? I have to say I do not miss it much. What I miss are the associated memories. Like you writing about your dad or your husband. This post touched me. Thank you for sharing.

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