Daily Prompt:Bite

I watched the news tonight because of the wind warnings. Now I know why I don’t watch the news.

Four assaults, one with a hammer because someone didn’t want a hug, a pick axe attack on a neighbor involving homeowner rights dispute, a man had a dispute with his wife and bit part of her ear off, and worst of all, a nineteen year old boy’s body found in the reservoir, having been shot to death. Okay, that’s why I don’t watch the news. Keep your doors locked at home and in the car when you’re driving or parked. Is this “”tis the season?”



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:Bite

  1. oh my goodness! Maybe it is the lack of sunlight during late fall and early winter that brings out the hate????? I don’t even lock my house when I go to the grocery store. and lock the car…well, truck actually. I haven’t locked it in four years.

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    1. My granddaughter was at a stop light when two guys jumped out of a van and tried to get into her car. Luckily her doors were locked and she sped off. Happened to me years ago and to two other people I know. Lock those doors


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