Daily Prompt: Gremlins

The gremlins were around late last night

This morning at four they decided to fight

I peeked out of the covers and turned on the light

The time on my phone gave me a fright

Only four? It’s the middle of the night!

These gremlins stay up pretty late

I do some puzzles and patiently wait

No use trying to sleep with all the noise

Wonder if they have teenage boys?

Oh well, I got up did some Thanksgiving prep

Returned to my bed, thank heavens I slept.

It’s now almost one in the afternoon

Turkey smells drift making me swoon

The skin is browning, stuffing gets baked

Maybe dessert will involve a cake.

Another day ushering in the season

For happiness, maybe some stress within reason

My wish for you all is just to enjoy

After all, that’s the original ploy.


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