SYW November 20, 2017

Wind here blew my daughter’s power out and some poor souls are moving today! It’s supposed to be 59degrees F but are you kidding? I turned the heat on, lit candles and put on three layers plus a scarf. The ladies are supposed to go out this afternoon but we’ll see if we don’t get blown away first. has once again favored us with her Share Your World post, so jump in, the waters fine (assuming you live in Hawaii).

1. I never cheated in school or games, etc. When little I was petrified I would be caught doing something wrong and it never occurred to me to cheat. My grandkids think it’s funny I don’t cheat in games and I don’t tolerate it. What’s the point? It’s a game!

2. All of it. Trees and flowers especially. Clear lakes, mountains–exceptional beauty. Wonderful.

3. When I travel, I like to meet the real people. I would love to visit rural China to see how the people live, same for New Zealand, Africa, everywhere.

4. Inspiration this week is my oldest granddaughter. Last Christmas break she had her hips operated on, one at a time. This is a picture of her when we baked and decorated cookies. She was in constant pain but never complained. This year she’s back playing basketball and soccer again. I asked if it was painful and she said “not as long as I don’t fall down”. 😳😫😂She’s an aggressive player like the rest of the family, and studying to be a doctor. No keeping her down!