Share Your World 10-30-17

Good Monday! Sunny, 29 F, but coffee taking the edge off. It’s once again time to thank for her SHARE YOUR WORLD post and answer her questions:

1. I rarely eat breakfast. I’m not usually hungry and don’t cook much. If I’m out and smell food cooking, that whets my appetite and I feel like eating. A cup of coffee in the morning fills my day. I admit the icy glass of Coca Cola in any tv ad always makes me think, yes! I want that…but I never have any, carbonated beverages burn my throat.

2. It’s a secret. If I had a chance to spend an evening with anyone, it would be ? He knows who he is. . .❤️

3. I would be a sugar maple, definitely. In spring you could tap me for sap to make delightful maple syrup – there is no substitute. Especially in autumn I would favor you with awesome colorful beauty to inspire you. Yup, maple tree my choice.

4. Inspiration for last week and always is my daughter and her husband. They have been going through a trial for months and it is now over. All’s right with the world again, at least until the next test from the powers that be. . .

Share Your World – October 30, 2017


3 thoughts on “Share Your World 10-30-17

  1. I rarely eat breakfast first thing in the morning but if I am really following my meal plan, I’ll have it about 11 AM. Since I work from home, I eat in my kitchen/office. An evening with? Tough one. Tree or plant? Not sure about that either. Glad things are going better for your daughter. It is always tough watching our kids struggle, isn’t it?

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