MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – 226

I bought a cookbook the other day to broaden my horizons in the kitchen.  Perusing the bookstore I found this gem with a synopsis on the back cover.

The Pyromaniac’s Cookbook 

“If you love to cook, but find your efforts never achieve the amount of “doneness” you want, this book is for you!  It specializes in what some critics categorize as “burned food”.  This book takes that term to a whole new meaning showing step by step instructions on how to purposely char your food.  With the use of a flamethrower, it is very simple.  All you need is some rocket fuel and a whole raw chicken to make the tastiest BBQ chicken you’ve ever eaten.  It’s easy, quick–because it only takes a few seconds to achieve a complete char.  We all could use a little help in the kitchen to make our favorite specialties, and included in this book is a fifty percent off coupon for the purchase of your very own flamethrower. . .certified government issue!  Now you can cook like a professional!”


12 thoughts on “MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – 226

  1. scribblersdip

    Well done Cheryl 😀

    I was wondering if anyone would directly take this title on – and I’m glad you did! You’ve done it fun justice ….. well done and thanks for playing the Sunday Writing prompt this week 🙂

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    1. We use “dang controllers” in our family for anything that dissent go tight. It’s from the old days of kids with the video game controllers. They blamed losing on the joysticks ; )

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    2. Mouahahaha Just reminded me of back when tv controllers had a wire connecting them to the actual tv… Soon we’ll just have to think “shut down!” to turn it off…

      OMG I am getting older, and older…

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