MLMM Photo Challenge 186 – A Solution

It was the only solution, at least that’s how it started.  Rena and her sister Lucy were pouring over some books about the occult they had sneaked home from the library.  Under a flashlight lumined blanket they nervously searched the pages, hoping to find an answer to their problem.  Not actually believing in curses or spells, they decided to read whatever they could find in the library.  The idea of such a solution came from a school friend, Mava.  She listened to the sisters’ plight and matter-of-factly explained what voodoo and shamans could do.  

Lucy and Rena were desperate. At the advanced age of thirteen they had lived with their abusive parents too long .  They were tired of the horrid conditions and needed help.  There were no onsite counselors in the school, or helpful doctors or nurses.  They had come to the conclusion it was up to them to find the answer.  They were too young to run away and had no place to go if they tried.  Mava had overheard them discussing any possible options and suggested a spell.  “I’ve seen it work” she offered.  At first the girls were skeptical and pushed the idea aside.  One night, after doing everything expected and still getting a beating, they decided.

The library books told of many things that would stop certain behaviors or start them.  The girls were fascinated and started to believe maybe Mava was right.  After finding what they thought was a spell they could actually try, they consulted Mava.  After waiting for some free time on a Saturday, the girls met Mava at an old establishment, “Reverend Zombie’s House of Voodoo”.  The three young women walked in with Mava leading as if she already knew her way around.  They purchased the ingredients needed and left as quickly as possible.  There was no questioning by the Reverend except a smile that passed between him and Mava.

The recipe was simple, combine the ingredients into a fine powder and add it to the (victim)’s drink.  This was an easy task, because the girls served their parents at mealtime.  After dinner it was only a matter of adding the mix to their tea and wait.  Cleaning up, they hurried to their room feigning tiredness and hoped to escape the usual beratement.  The parents settled in for their tea and were glad for their daughters’ early retirement to their beds.   The sisters huddled beneath the quilts hoping the tea would work.  

The next morning they woke to hear unusual rumbling in the kitchen.  Their parents were never awake at this time so the girls quickly dressed and investigated.  “Good morning, my dearies!” trilled their mother’s voice.  “Breakfast is ready.”  Rena and Lucy looked at each other, completely shocked.  Their mother never fixed breakfast for anyone.  They were setting themselves at the kitchen table, surprised to hear their mother humming as she plated their food.  This had never happened before.  As they sat next to each other at the table, they tightly squeezed each other’s hand.  Thinking the tea worked, they decided to enjoy their mother’s new personality for as long as it lasted.  The behavior lasted the entire day.  Monday morning the girls could hardly wait to tell Mava of their success.  She just nodded answering, “I thought it would work”.

The tea solution would last quite a few days and then another visit to the Reverend was necessary.  The sisters became regular customers of the curious shop.

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  1. Fun tale that has an unusual and unexpected twist – instead of a poisoning, it turned out better than expected! Great idea for this week’s Photo Challenge – thanks for playing along 🙂

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