SYW-October 23, 2017

Howdy Doody y’all!  It’s almost the end of October, I can’t believe how the last three months have flown by!  It’s Monday, time for‘s Share Your World questions.  Here are my answers:

1.  My school from 1-6 grades was in a little one room schoolhouse with a potbelly stove in the corner.  There were about four kids in each grade and one teacher who I adored.  I caught a small bus from our driveway and since my dad worked away and my mom didn’t drive, I was there for the day no matter what.  I loved it.  It was easy.  I also liked 7-8 grades in a small school in another town. I started high school while still living in the country far from school, but that changed when I was a sophomore moving into town.  Quite a change because we sold our two hundred acre dairy farm and moved to a three room apartment in town.  We eventually bought a small house in Ascutney, VT.  Some of you may be familiar with the ski resort there.  Except for a masochistic science teacher, I enjoyed my high school years as well.

2.  My favorite animal I “owned” was a German Shepard wolf mix, Smokey.  Wild animal would be the wolf and I also love tigers.

3.  I lived in two large cities, Houston, Texas the largest.  Except for living there during the sixties with riots, etc, I liked it.  It was hot and extremely humid, but you get used to it.  We lived there for six and a half years, our three children were born there, and we moved there again in the nineties.  The one thing I remember most was the unrelenting humidity, oh and bugs–all Texas sized and prevalent.  

Being inspired by my grandkids is my best thing.  Marching band championships for the high school this last week:

And celebrating “gotcha day” adopting Jesse.

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    1. My sisters had all married, my mom got a job outside the home now that her caring for the grandparents was over, so life changed radically…maybe that’s why I’m so weird!😂

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