Tell Me a Tale –  Autumn in the Country


Autumn in the country is a very unique treat, unlike the city where fallen branches, trash bags of leaves pile up and nature is pretty much ignored or treated like a chore.

Autumn in a country atmosphere means enjoying the fruits of the hard work of summer in the garden or fields. Halloween pumpkins abound. 

Beautiful colors adorn the trees and if fallen, they just add warmth to the cooling landscape. They provide piled up jumping fun for children and mulch to cover sleeping gardens and greenery. 

The hovering mist of fog on country streams remind the inhabitants to dig deep under cover for the coming season of winter. Icy droplets nurture the land resting till spring comes once again.


5 thoughts on “Tell Me a Tale –  Autumn in the Country

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  2. Excellent way of expressing why you love autumn and the country life. Did you know that you’ve covered 2 #TMAT120 posts with one? (September and October) and in exactly 120 words. Bravo!

    Thanks for taking me there. 🙂

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