The Secret Keeper – Like Vintage Wine

She took her role as a teacher very seriously. Education was the key to change, a way to inspire the youth of today, she thought. She used all the greatest authors, scientists, moral teachings, every resource she could find to delicately shape their minds.

It was the quiet ones she hoped to intrigue the most, the quiet ones, deep thinkers, the ones whose imaginations and studying could take them to new heights, lift them out of their everyday worlds.

The spirited students were outspoken, blusterous and loud. Their daily protests were eventually ignored, but the quiet ones were an untapped vintage.

Weekly Writing Prompt #108


One thought on “The Secret Keeper – Like Vintage Wine

  1. I love the focus on ‘the quiet ones’ in a positive light, they’ve always been give the image of hiding something’s as many say ‘it’s always the quiet ones’.
    I never liked that, as it was a generalized statement, no not all quiet ones tend to be quiet because they have something to hide.
    Beautifully written by you, they’re deep thinkers aiming to reach new heights. Just love the way you have written this.

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