The Secret Keeper 107 with MLMM Photo Challenge 181

Roxanne read the poem, it was a beguiling verse, full of fantasy.  She tried to rule out that part of her that was always seeking the fantastic, the adventure.  Today was not going to be one of those days.

She picked up her book and went down to sit on a log by the stream.  It was a wonderful place to read and fantasize the stories and poems she read.  Her mother had warned her to fight those persistent inclinations of imagination, and reminded her frequently that she was only a farm girl.  Doing chores around the farm wasn’t an unpleasant experience but Roxanne could not stop the dreams from coming.

Resting  on the tree branch, she let herself fall into the fairytale she was reading.  She thought she had just dozed off when she found herself laying face down, sipping water from the river.  Her reflection showing her magical transformation, fulfilling her dreams.  She was now inside the fantasy.

Weekly Writing Prompt #107

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