Month of Mini Writing Challenges 18 – Shop Wisely?

September 18.  Use the prompt “shopping list” in any form.

Mark it down

So you don’t forget

Remember the milk 

Or that you’ll regret.

When you leave home

Remember the tome

The family depends

Needs you to spend

Time making the list.

Only purchase those items 

And try to resist

What’s on eye level

Businesses revel

On the higher price

Look up or down once or twice.

Coupons also make you think

You’re saving money, but do you?

You start to swerve off the list

Buy what sale papers’s bargains insist

You buy.  This brand, you’ll just love 

But the price is way above

The ones on your list.

Shopping takes skill, with list reminders

Ignoring hype, you may need blinders.

However you shop

Don’t forget to stop

And use your list!

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