Secret Keeper 105

When taking a trip into the blogging world I thought I would be able to bring some humor into a bad but tolerable situation.  After more than a year on this stage I have only had one inquiry into my initial subject matter, cancer, specifically uterine and bladder cancer.  I’ll stop right there because unless you’ve experienced either of these or any form of cancer, you may not relate.  Relating to others is the main reason I’m here, it may not be yours. For this disease, “curiosity does not kill the cat”, it probably saves it.  Knowledge is everything where this killer disease is concerned.  

Having been here for more than a year I have to say the sky is the limit in blogging possibilities, that is…once you know how to move around.  It takes a while to learn how to do everything and what is accepted and what is not.  Creativity overflows here, and each person who writes, draws, paints, or photographs in any way, has the opportunity to express themselves here without reproach.  We all want to be accepted, commented upon, conversed with, even if just snippets here and there.  The unlimited variety of talent and personalities here is a joy.  

I decided to use the SK words this time to show my appreciation to this community.  Thanks everyone.

Weekly Writing Prompt #105


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