MLMM Wordle #169 – Seduction

Entering the crowded library she instantly saw her intended choice.  She observed the fata organa on his face; it was not-so-noticed by the others.  She narrowed her vision and flawlessly penetrated his sight. As he seemed entranced by her resplendent black dress, she knew this was an opportunity.  She returned his look with a malleable smile, as she was not the naive player he might think.

He fell in lust with her instantly, admiring her cleavage in the open keyhole neckline of the tight fitting dress.  She felt his gaze and slowly bent over a nearby table, grinning to entice him further.  He rose from his seat and made his way to her corner of the room. He wondered if she was from the local college, because he hadn’t seen her before.  She looked up and saw him advancing toward her.  She controlled her imbibing of spirits because she needed her mind to be clear.  The seduction was palpable, she could feel he was hooked.

She often attended these social affairs provided by the college.  Some professors had noticed her, some even enjoyed playing her game, but Professor Jones had yet to be touched by her essence.  She worked tirelessly on her figure, her seductive techniques, all to lure the uninitiated.  She had no trammel about using her wiles to ravage these men.  She was simply a seductress who used and discarded men like dirty linen.

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