Monday Movie – Video dance mashup

Fred Astaire you have my heart, but the talent combined here is amazing. Bruno, you’re not bad either!😉


5 thoughts on “Monday Movie – Video dance mashup

  1. I’ve seen this like a hundred times, most of which I’ve played myself. Even when I wasn’t a cripple, I was hardly light on my feet, so I think people who can dance like this are pretty amazing. Some of my favorites here who aren’t red and Ginger (the gold standard) are Ann Miller (maybe the hottest thing on two legs when she dances), Rita Hayworth (I once heard that Fred Astaire said she was his favorite dance partner), Gene Kelly (more athletic than graceful, and I say that with great respect), The Nicholas Brothers (got into a lot of movies when blacks in general didn’t get into movies), Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson (she was what, seven when she did all that great dancing?), and Judy Garland (a great performer who was burned out by Hollywood and did way too soon). Whoever put this together did a remarkable job of matching the music to the movement.

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    1. I agree with everything you said. So I guess we could cripple move together?😂 and just call it dancing? I wanted to be a dancer, my daughter was for a while and my granddaughter was. I could watch it all the time.💜


  2. WOW!!! That was fantastic. I’d seen many of the segments, but the combination was fantastic. The choreography back then goes unmatched, I think, in any of the dance shows today. So clever and varied and athletic.


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