FFFPP – 32 – Attracting the Opposite Sex

“Is she here?  Is she looking yet?” Blackey shifted his wings just a bit.  He hoped his pose and dexterity atop the fence would gain her admiration.  Balancing yourself on a small wire structure, keeping your body upright in the most handsome fashion, is a talent.  Blackey displayed this art by holding this pose long enough to capture the attention of Miss Blueberry.

Blackey’s friend Budgey was keeping a look out for the intended observer and let out a chirp as soon as he saw Miss B fly closeby and land for a minute.  He watched as she admired Blackey.  Was that a smile he saw on her face?  She flew up as abruptly as she came.

Budgey noticed his friend weaving a bit so decided to let him know he could relax.  “She’s gone, Blackey, but she certainly took a long look.  Great job!  I’m sure she’ll be back.”  

“Thanks, I hope so.  It’s hard keeping yourself in perfect shape just to impress women.”  The two friends were satisfied a good impression was made and went back to the daily activity of scavenging the street.