Sunday Photo Fiction – 8-13-17

Hey! Just what I need! Dr. Who, may I join you? Surely there are other worlds, other dimensions I could visit, if only for a short time….I need you to take me with you for a little bit of time. Things aren’t so great here on earth.  

I don’t want to leave my family, but I need to find somewhere else for us to live. It’s dangerous here. Everyone is getting crazy! I want to find a place that is tranquil and peaceful. Will you take me with you to find it?

What? You’re saying there is no place like that? You say the universe has no planet or star that holds a utopian life? Well okay, I guess we’ll have to stay right here. I guess we could try to make it better, but the unreasonable voices and actions are so loud, would anyone hear me?  

You’re right, after all you’ve been almost everywhere. We need to speak up, louder and often, to make changes, to better us all? That sounds reasonable. It is difficult, though, you need bravery and persistence. Okay, I’ll try.  

Dr. Who steps into the booth and disappears.


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