MLMM Wordle 167 

Is it a figment of imagination or a puissant truth in every mother’s mind, to think our child is partly an imitation of ourselves? They are given to us, such an immeasurable gift, even though we realize our presence in their lives is only one layer of their being. 

As they gain in age we might see naughty behavior and prefer to think it is a temporary action, and when their hormones are revealed and they grow into teenage years, our reactions may be different. Hidden worries might flood out of our mouth, as when they were toddlers, with a please, no, don’t, and other warnings.

Above all we want them to feel and be safe as they were when we could hold them in our arms and sing them to sleep. They grow away from us. Letting our once small child be free to enjoy the fineries of life, experience every nuance whether it be happy or sad, is difficult, because somewhere in our minds, they’re still that baby we need to protect.


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