MLMM- Prompt – 205 – Collage

Stories.  We all have them.  Some more exciting than others or sadder than the average.  Life seems to swirl you around in a mix, sweet or sour, what’s your preference?  One day you’re in a forest and spy a fox hunting. The fox stops as he sees you but is unafraid.  He glances back and continues his chase.  If we could only be like this fox, having the mindset of one goal at a time instead of wanting it all.  His simple goal is always survival.  He doesn’t let your presence bother him.  His innate sense is that you are not a danger, curious probably, but won’t cause him harm.  If we had this sense we would be better judges of character, able to assess a person’s intent and stop, or move on. How much unnecessary pain there would be if we all had this capability.  The stories we live would be more carefree and satisfying.  Hurt would decrease because we would know the outcome and make wiser choices. Animals have learned to hone their instincts.  Humans are still trying to learn their way in the world.