Tell Me Something Good – 69

Good morning! I have had a restful weekend, read a lot of posts, and have something good to say – Thank you!

I read a couple of posts about comments people make and want to say thanks to all of my commenters for being polite and most of all funny. I love to make someone smile or laugh and if you reciprocate, all the better. I see no point in being a negative commentator, what’s the reason? If you just want to argue, go to Facebook!😂

My something good, other than my appreciation to all followers and your thoughtfulness, I went to the VIKINGS exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on Friday. My daughter and two of my granddaughters and I made a day of it. Since it’s a two hour drive each way to Denver, it’s necessary. The exhibit was good, but misbehaving camp students put a bad light on it.  

Warning to the wise, if you’re an adult, go to this type of exhibit when school is in session. Even eating lunch, we could barely hear each other speak for all the unruly children. Is it me or have manners in public gone astray?  

All in all it was fun. The ride home had us laughing till we were sick because of “whale talking” conversations. I’ll just let you think about that…..


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