Picture Prompt: 208

Looked at this photo, no offense

To  the woman posing, looks intense

Look at her foot on the rock

Isn’t that just a bit cock(y)

Enough she’s choosing that pose

Most people couldn’t suppose

To accomplish, let alone on tip toe?

My god, is this just for show?

I realize she is a model

Making a living by beauty that ought to

Inspire someone? Or sell the clothes

Can’t help but wonder who she knows

That would “buy” this as everyday exercise

But I will try to empathize

Most people could use less meat on their thighs

But morphing this pose? Can’t believe my eyes.

What purpose does this rendition serve

Except to make us all think we don’t deserve

To be just “ordinary looking”

Doing our everyday jobs of living

Not these “role models” to children we’re giving

There’s nothing wrong in striving or belief

But this? Think it tends to deceive

And place expectations not easily achieved.



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