SoCS – July 22, 2017

Good day to all the bloggers out there!  It is Saturday here, still, and I have been reading your words all day.  I am going to use Linda’s suggested topic of ceiling to express how much I enjoy meeting and reading you all through WordPress.  There simply is no ceiling to the amount of interesting people’s words or photographic journeys, or artistic renderings in this atmosphere.  It’s difficult to stop, guess it’s an addiction of sorts!  But a good one, surely…..I find it very helpful to my own mind’s health to read you all.
You can find anything you want here, adventure, humor – my personal favorite, tragedy, promotion, authority, needs, beauty, advice, struggles, information, and that is just naming a few.  So a big 🌸THANK YOU🌸 to all who dare to blog, despite the challenges of spell check, putting your innermost thoughts out there!  Congratulations!  

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 22/17


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