Picture Prompt – 203

She was so stressed, so depressed. He ignored her again. She hardly noticed the rain as it increased. She was walking aimlessly at first, then stopped in front of his home. Joe’s family home.  

Joe was married with children, but that didn’t stop her obsession over him. She first saw him in the local bar. She was determined to know who he was. She moved onto the stool near him, and introduced herself.  

Maureen had problems. Each time she wanted a relationship, something occurred, causing it to dissolve. It couldn’t always be her fault, she reasoned to herself. She just wanted to be close, tried hard at maintaining it, but she forgot it involved two people who want the same thing. Maureen would throw herself at a man she was attracted to, and it usually ended up badly.

Joe was a loving husband and father and seemed not to realize he’d fallen under Maureen’s radar. His family was gone for a couple of weeks and he was just stopping by for a drink after work. He missed his family and delayed going home to an empty house.  

He answered Maureen’s greeting at the bar and had a friendly conversation, he thought. He had a few more drinks before walking home. The next day he didn’t remember being overly friendly with Maureen. Apparently, she thought differently. Joe didn’t know Maureen began sneaking around and following him, finding out where he lived.

Three days later he did notice Maureen at the coffee shop on his way to work, and greeted her again. They didn’t engage in conversation and he left for the office. The very next day Maureen started calling him. At first he didn’t recognize her voice, but after a few more calls, he tried to fend her off. Not getting a result, he stopped answering calls from her number at all. He had not been in this situation before and was rather naive when it came to overly aggressive women.

This day Maureen was walking when it started to rain. She found herself at Joe’s address, and noticed a car in the driveway.  He was home.  Surely he would take her in from the rain, not knowing Joe’s family had arrived home. They were busy unpacking and chatting about their trip. 

Maureen went by the window. She saw the unpacked suitcase on the bureau. It suddenly came to her that his wife was back. She fell against the window in sorrow. She had lost again.  



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