Daily Prompt: Dormant

What a word, however….. descriptive of my life lately. I used to think (when I wasn’t concentrating on another’s survival) that life itself was reason enough to be happy, forget what things are happening that you can’t change and be happy! And for the most part I am. But I find it takes more than one for me to be happy. It takes another constant companion, mate, lover, helper, whatever you want to call him or her, another person. Some people may be content with a nonhuman mate, but that’s not for me.  
For now, since January, for various reasons, most are ones you don’t want or care to know, I have been dormant. I find concentrating on others sometimes mirrors my own negativity, not good. This blog was started on the premise of being grateful for what you have, who you are at the moment and not giving up. Looking forward with hope and not back on despair. I still believe that. Sunny days help, we had a long winter. It’s time for the dormancy to end, and get on with it.  Spring up and out of the mud, and start blooming again.  Right?



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