Prompt 3058 – First Line – Love at First Sight

I’ll start by saying it was love at first sight.  Truly, I mean that.  It must have been for her, too.  Otherwise, why would she come across the field and settle close to watch me, not taking her eyes off me.  And from that moment on, we were attracted to each other, not knowing anything about the other.  We hesitantly dated a few times, and I thought she was the dream I had envisioned.  My own parents were quiet and undemonstrative, but I thought life with her would be something new, something I needed.  She was loving and not understated as I was used to. We had ups and downs, but finally not being able to separate, married and looked forward to a long life together.

As the business of marriage, jobs, and children took its usual toll on our lives, the dream faded a bit at a time.  First there were small disagreements about things we should have discussed before committing our lives to each other.  The light that struck as love at first sight was no longer bright for us.  Daily lives, routines you hope not to fall into, these were our downfall.  She expected too much of me.  The shine of love started to tarnish and she let me know I was not living up to what she’d hoped.

With this revelation on her part, our once bonded love became broken and destroyed.  Love at first sight may work for some.  Maybe ours was just attraction, puppy love, I don’t know, really.  I only know what I thought it would be never was.


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