MLMM – First Line Friday – Dragons

Below the city’s cobblestones it shifted, restless and hungry. If you stepped very quietly, you could hear it.  That is, if you believed.

The fact is, you have to be a true believer, of myths and legends and creatures of fairytales.  Of course I am, thus I hear the restlessness of the lonely dragon below the street.  He resides in the depths of the sewers, only venturing out when the moon is waning.  Under the dimming light, he soars and then silently enters the nearby lake and refreshes himself. 

Once I saw him, and I was thrilled to know the fantastical tales were true. Reading them as a child, of course I believed, but as I grew older I could never accept they were only stories. Secretly, I refused to think they were only products of someone’s imagination.  And then as the moon was barely visible on a sleepless night, I saw him.  He was not a frightening  sight, but magical.  I followed him to the lake.  I wonder if he knew I was watching, that he fulfilled a dream.  A lesson in this, do not give up on your beliefs.