Daily Prompt:  Savor

You know how much I like to rhyme
I think it is  my most fun time

But not today my friends and neighbors

Not today with this Prompt savor.

Nope, not even to rhyme with flavor

That easy rhyme is such a favor

To some like me who sometimes struggle 

To find a word that needs no juggle

To fit in the rhyme

It does take time

And a search by my small brain

To fit a word in the refrain

That doesn’t cause complain

Or go against the grain

Something new

For you to view?

No, I’m not going to use Prompt savor

And take the easy way out with flavor.



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Savor

  1. And we you your readers like to sample, even savour. Your behaviour when behind the pen. For when the chips are down and you begin to frown. The sample of your favour of that savour, really means that; your subjects are taken to town … hehe Cheers Jamie.

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