Alphabet Soup Challenge – G – Games

No, this is not my closet, I wish it was! I love games, all types.  I grew up playing board games, outdoor games at home and school, and ones we made up.  Now games are more popular than ever, and board games are making a huge comeback in popularity.  There are clubs and get togethers by young couples that love challenging each other in games.  The face to face type, not videos or onscreen games.  Card playing groups are also popular and I’m not speaking of old ladies playing Bridge!

However I note here that one of my sons met the love of his life in a role playing game on the Internet.  At their wedding most people attending dressed up portraying characters from the game.  At the reception, tables were set up with different games for all ages.  I chose the table with this game.  It was the most fun of any game I’ve ever played:

Of course the others at the table had played it before and were helpful.  I laughed so much, it was a great time.