MLMM – Wordle #163

I am an insouciant person, but I am not as free as my Bohemian days.  Everywhere you turned  there was someone willing to topple “normal” thinking.  Every trail of a park you would hear a cassette playing a protest song.  Whether it be about a bird about to become extinct, a speech chiding our involvement in a war we’d never win, or the illusory notion we could actually obtain world peace, it was a sign of turbulent times.

These excursions to the park for some protesters sporting clenched fists of power usually ended up warranting a night in jail.  But these well meaning actions caused a nascence behavior that is resurging today.  With the political agenda seeming to be “power to the rich” in all forms and ignoring the statues of promise to “we the people”, “united we stand” is part of the answer to the current crisis.  Those old protests need to be woken up, dusted off and put back into use.


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