Alphabet Soup Challenge – F


It’s a big F.  Fate, the sometimes evil little wizard sitting on top of the world, controlling all of us.  Or maybe it selects only a few of us perched atop our shoulder, causing havoc at every turn.  Its finger always prodding us in our decisions, good or bad depending on its mood.

Evil, mostly I think.  You never hear someone saying at a happy occasion, “it was fate that caused this”.  More likely a funeral where a sudden death by an accident resulted.  “Fate sure handed him a bummer”.  Fate seems to hand endless series of events to certain people.  Surely you wouldn’t say “she was blessed to have this happen” when talking of a fatal disease.

When I was looking up articles about fate, I found a palmistry site.  I’m not into tarot cards, glass orbs of destiny, or fortune tellers.  The lines of your palm are interesting though.  As I looked at the images and read about the lines I was anxious to compare my own.  Here is what I find. Let me add taking a picture of your palm with one hand is difficult, or is it me?  Easy compare to taking my right hand which reading further it reports the left palm is childhood, the right palm is grownup.


A huge difference!  Who knew?  
Compare to the palmistry lines of head, heart, fate, life, and see what you think.  I’d like your opinion.


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