Picture Prompt 193 – Lure of the Golden Doors

I can hardly believe it.  They shine like gold!  The stories are true! No sun making them appear golden, it is coming from inside.  I am so relieved.  I have come so far, hoping they were telling the truth.  It’s only a few steps more, why am I hesitating?

Stories I’ve read tell of the mysteries inside these mythical doors, treasures unique to each one who enters.  But that’s as far as the tales are told.  Since each person’s dream is different, it makes me wonder.  Is it my dream or is it decided for me?  It is intimidating, now that I’m within arm’s length of my wishes possibly being completed, I’m frightened.  Is there a price to pay? So anxious to see these golden doors, I didn’t think of repercussions.

In reading this fantasy I never actually thought of an answer, or if I will finally be happy with it. The stories just hint at what lies beyond the doors, no one writes about the rest.  Now that I’m here, I’m starting to doubt what I really want, what dream should I choose?  Will I be happy for the rest of my life if my wishes all came true in an instant?  If that happens, then what else do I do?  I will have nothing to look forward to, no purpose. There must be a catch.  I’m beginning to regret coming.  I was so intrigued by the possibilities I didn’t consider the consequences.  There must be a payment of some kind and I think it’s not the monetary kind.

I stared again at the shining doors.  They are beautiful and appealing.  All I would have to do is open them.  I step closer.  I can feel the warm golden glow, now covering my hand, almost pulling  it to the handle. I feel something is willing me closer to the doors.  Am I losing control?  

I find my wits, yank my hand back and step to the side where the glow doesn’t reach me.  The pulling sensations cease.  I’m not going in.  I turn and run down the stone street.  This was a mistake.



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