Alphabet Soup Challenge – B – Brothers (in law)

Alphabet Soup Challenge by Cathy Lynn Brooks, Please  Join In!

I was raised in a family of four girls. I had three bother in laws and each one was special in different ways. My oldest one, Frank, was an Air Force pilot and he and my sister raised seven children. He was always bigger than life to me, being twenty years older. When I was a mother myself, Frank and my sister had a camp on a big lake. We would vacation nearby and spend a night or two at the lake. Frank taught all of his kids to swim. His method was simple, go out to the dock and throw them in. They learned quickly by having to swim back to shore. It worked and they still enjoy swimming, waterskiing and other water sports to this day.

My sister and I were walking up to the apple orchard when I tripped and fell on a branch. I lost my breath, couldn’t speak, and my sister thought I was dying. She ran all the way back to the house and Frank came and swooped me up. The loss of breath scared me and I started crying. I think I may have even wet my pants! No matter to him. He hugged and carried me back to the house.

He always called me by my three names, first, middle and last, even in his last days on earth, two years ago. I called to see how he was and according to my sister he smiled and asked if it was me, three names included. I miss him.

Another time Frank actually saved me was at a lake where all of us were swimming. I was a skinny little thing and a rather large cousin pulled me out into the water where I couldn’t touch bottom. I panicked, but was pretty much ignored by the busily chatting adults. The cousin thought it was very funny, so no help there. Frank rushed out and once again was my hero.

I have/had two other brother in laws I may write about another time. This one’s about Frank who was a big, handsome hero to me.

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