Tale Weaver – 126 – Death

It’s not like death is something most people look forward to. Even the most religiously oriented probably fear their final outcome. It’s the last mystery of life, solved. The other questions in life can be answered and usually are, in one way or another, either with joy or extreme disappointment.  

That is why life is much more preferable than death. There are possibilities, dreams, goals, all ahead of you, pushing you on. The finality of death is just that, final. No more dreams to be fulfilled, no achievements, no bridges to cross, and no more chances to improve.

I’m sure there will be arguments against my beliefs, and that’s fine with me. I welcome your ideas, but facts are facts, as we know them today. Whether you are cremated and dust preserved in an urn, or buried deep underground, you are not about to claw your way out and live again, as the popular horror stories portray.

Your vessel, your body, is done. The temporary vehicle which you rent for a few years or more if you’re lucky, is turned in, contract complete. Most of us have a great time cruising around, but that Cadillac or old jalopy has run its course, needs to be revamped for the next customer.

Your spirit, now that’s a different story. I happen to believe your spirit isn’t done unless you choose it to be. That is my hope. That even though my body is done, my spirit, essence, might continue to drift either into a new dimension, or just wander around keeping a quiet unobtrusive eye on the people and things that mattered to me in life. That would be my idea of  a state of heaven, I guess.  

As far as heaven and hell are concerned, I tend to believe it’s all right here in the present stage of life. You can be living in either, depending on your circumstances, or what circumstances have been thrust upon you. It’s not as simple as “life is what you make it” but close.

Whatever happens when you stop breathing, I am very curious about it, and I’m sure if I’m aware of it at the time, fear will be a part of it.



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  1. You cannot destroy energy. It just turns into something else. Similarly ,we become something else. The body dies, the energy known as soul becomes light and merges with the energy of the universe. Can we be reborn? That’s not for me to answer, yet I believe karma dictates that. What lessons does our soul need to know and learn. The universe teems with life. The universe is huge. Hubble Space Telescope has identified over 40 billion galaxies of which this one. The Milky Way is but one. With thousands, if not billions of stars. Anyone who considers we are nothing at the end of our lives? Is out of touch with reality. Death is not an end, it is a new beginning …. Cheers Jamie.

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