I’ve Given Up – Or Coming of Age at 70?

I have probably written too much about age, aging and 

its effects, but – 

 I’ve given up.

I’ve given up a few things, privacy in hospitals is a big one.

Trying not to wear a bra.  Let’s face it, they’re still singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” but the bra helps a little?

Trying not to let cleavage show, after all I am a woman!

Appearing with makeup to strangers.

Having the perfect hairdo with just the right amount of needed “pouf” here or there. 

Polishing nails – its messy, I’m not good at it.


Caring if someone thinks leggings aren’t supposed to be worn at my age – they’re the only pants that don’t get caught in my wheels, and face it, they’re comfortable and easy to get on and off.

Answering phone calls from unrecognized numbers.

Thinking I have to make or bake all food.

Keeping dust off shelves and floor – I keep my glass door open for fresh air and in WY, that means constant dust!

Scrambling to get clothes out of the dryer immediately.

Ironing, I don’t buy clothes that need it.

Trying not to laugh out loud, or cry in movies.

Trying not to correct everything that might be slightly askew.

Writing what I think everyone wants to read, obviously!

As a person who might have a slight case of OCD, I feel I’ve come a long way. Oh well, I can only imagine what eighty might bring.



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    1. It’s a known fact in this day and age that those two did absolutely everything. There is no higher power, no geniuses, nothing like that it’s all Diamond Dave doing the inventing and Gene registering the idea to sell it too everyone, it says so in their bios

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