MLMM – Saturday Mix – Train Whistle

One of the sounds I like is almost a sad and lonesome one. A train whistle in the night. I think it sounds lonely because my mind immediately conjures the scene of wayward travelers trying to board the train when it’s slowly gaining speed out of town. I picture downtrodden individuals around a fire, waiting for the ride to a hope-filled destination. Traveling ever on, looking for a different, better life, they board the rails, searching.


13 thoughts on “MLMM – Saturday Mix – Train Whistle

  1. The locomotive in lower graphic is decked out in CN insignia. Canadian National. As a railway company they were once owned by Canadian government. Which meant any debts piled up by the Company, were paid off by the Canadian government of the day. I digress. The loco. is a GM SD40. Many of those locos had a 3 tone air horn. A few even, 4 tones. While operating them. I would play with the horn. Just a small amount of air would cause the first horn to open, then so on, one could make them really sing. Especially in the valley’s of southern British Columbia. … hehe, Cheers Jamie

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    1. I was a trainman, conductor, yardman, yard foreman and locomotive engineer until 1993. Also briefly worked as a Carman helper.. The system was mostly seniority based. If I couldn’t hold a job as Locomotive engineer, I would be set back, to whatever my seniority could hold. That was with CP Rail. in southern British Columbia. Cheers Jamie

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    2. You’re right. Not only with the public but also my co-workers. Any mistake could be costly. Which became one reason, for taking my buyout in the end. The biggest reason for taking it, was my ex. She didn’t like me being away from home and working strange hours. It became an obsession for her. … like other things. Cheers Jamie

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