Time to Write – At the Police Station

She looked at her son, standing there as they put the handcuffs on. He wasn’t violent or uncooperative. She didn’t understand why they had to restrain him like that. Her eyes filled with tears as thoughts of prison movies and television shows entered her mind with horrible depictions of cruelty. She was extremely frightened for her son.  

Knowing the internment was for only three days, she should have been consoled by that fact, but the damage that might occur to him, even in that short space seemed unbearable to think of. He was taken out her sight and she endured the most helpless feeling she would ever experience. He was her son, a part of her, being taken by strangers. She was devastated.  

The trial was quick and the vengeful judge didn’t mince words as he sentenced her son to three days in jail for reckless endangerment. He didn’t listen to their inept lawyer, chosen by being a friend. The judge wouldn’t hear the reason for the reckless behavior. It was a stupid, teenager’s decision to not let something go and keep on driving. It was the infallibility of youth, but this lesson would be drilled in hard by a relentless judge.

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