FFFPP – The Cock of the Coop

I am quite a handsome fellow, the envy of the other roosters here.  Of course this is a small coop, and I guess I’m the big fish in a small pond.  You would be wise to take good care of me, for I am adored by every hen in the yard, therefore making egg production extremely prolific.  I preen myself each morning, as I do not want any feather out of place.  I keep my comb and other parts of my body clean and beautiful.  Of course that is my job at this coop.  I have to be spectacular every day in order to entice the ladies. 

Stay clear of my hens’ nests.  I am larger than most males, and I’d hate to ruffle my feathers with your blood.  Oh yes, I’m quite dangerous if threatened.  My beak may look small, but it is honed to a sharp end and will make you weep. My owner takes pride in my appearance and prowess.  I receive the best corn and grain to insure my offspring will be of the uppermost quality.  I guess you could say I rule the roost!


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