Tell Me Something Good – June 19, 2017

Good afternoon bloggers! Yes it’s been a good day, even babysitting the terror was good. We watched “American Grit” that I taped from Sunday night. He and his brother and I watched the series last year and loved it. This year there seems to be a lack of modest attire worn by contestants, which as a grandmother, watching with young boys, is disappointing. The show’s values seem to have slipped a bit over the past year. I guess this is the way of the world now, but one of the cutout bathing suits should have been cut out or off? This is a competition in a country atmosphere, so why the bikini and cut out extreme suits? Only the wearers can say.👙🙄😎

For the good news…..I have figured out how to put up my American flag without tearing off siding. Last week’s screwing the holder into siding was yanked out by the wind. What happened to good old fashioned wood lumber to build homes?

I’m going to duct tape the flag pole to the square post that holds my upstairs neighbor’s patio. The Wyoming winds may try to defeat my flag raising, but they’ll never win!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸‼️👍🏻

So happy, healthy week to y’all🤠


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